Student Awards & Scholarships

LCWA Named Awards

The Graeser Award is given in honor of the late Professor Clarence Augustus Graeser, an alumnus of the College of Charleston and the first honor graduate in the class of 1888. He served for many years as Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages at the College. The award was established by the Alumni Association in 1954 in memory of this exceptional teacher, a distinguished scholar and an especially loyal alumnus. It is a cash award to the student in the graduating class who, in the opinion of the modern language professors at the College, deserves special recognition for work done in any one of the modern languages during a period of not less than three years.

Graeser Award Selection Process: Annual Timeline and Procedures

Nomination Rubric for Graeser Award (download worksheet)

LCWA scholarships for studying abroad

The School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs has scholarship money available for our declared majors and minors who study abroad.  In order to qualify for this scholarship funding, you must have a declared major or minor in a program in LCWA. See our webpage or the catalogue for a list of majors and minors in LCWA.


  • For Spring Study Abroad: October 5
  • For Summer Study Abroad: February 15
  • For Fall Study Abroad: April 4

Currently, LCWA offers two types of scholarships.

  1. LCWA Study Abroad Grant (multiple recipients): The LCWA scholarship application is an online form and is located here.  Fill it out on-line and submit it by the appropriate deadline.  This application is to be filled out whether or not you are eligible for the OIE scholarships.
  2. Specialized Study  Abroad Scholarships
    • Sheffield Scholarship (single recipient)
      This scholarship was created by Stephanie Sheffield and her family as part of her commitment to help the College of Charleston internationalize its curriculum.  The scholarship is designed to promote travel abroad and the overseas study of business practices. The monetary value of this scholarship is dependent on available funds and will vary according to the current economic environment. For summer, fall, and spring study abroad, the application is due on February 15thClick here for the application. Requirements are: 

      • Junior or Senior academic status
      • Maintain a GPA 2.5 or higher
      • Must have taken 12 hours of foreign language
      • Must have taken 9 hours of business courses
      • Traveling abroad on a CofC approved program
      • Must be studying business and/or marketing while abroad
      • Must submit a budget of anticipated expenses
      • Must demonstrate that they will personally fund 10% of expected costs
      • Must submit a paper dealing with some area of business in that country after trip
      • Must submit a final budget reflecting actual expenses
      • Can be awarded to 2 people throughout the academic year

    • Wells Fargo Excellence Scholarship for Study Abroad (single recipient)
      This $5,000 scholarship is for students who meet the following requirements: Participate in a study abroad summer program led by faculty in the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs; Be a resident of the State of South Carolina; Demonstrate significant financial need; Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0; Meet all of College of Charleston’s requirements for Study Abroad. Applications are due on February 15thClick Here for the application.
    • David J. Cohen Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad (two recipients)
    • This $1,000 scholarship is for students who meet the following requirements: A declared major in LCWA; Participate in a summer study abroad program led by an LCWA faculty member in a College of Charleston program; Must meet all of the requirements for the College of Charleston Study Abroad programs. The scholarship will be given to two recipients. $1,000 for each recipient. Applications are due on February 15th. Click here for the application.

We will not consider your application if you do not fill it out completely, if you do not follow the directions, or if you are not a declared major or minor in an LCWA program.

Contact Dr. Morrison if you have any questions:

Funding from the Department of French, Francophone and Italian Studies

The Department of French, Francophone and Italian Studies offers a number of scholarships for both French and Italian Studies. The value of each scholarship varies depending on the availability of funds for the given year. For more questions regarding the scholarship, please go to our web site by clicking at this link: Scholarships.

Funding from the Department of German and Russian Studies

The Department of German and Russian Studies offers a several scholarships for German study and travel. For more questions regarding the scholarship, please go to our web site by clicking at this link: Scholarships.