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awards Awards and Scholarships

LCWA has several opportunites for student funding. Learn more

Global Ambassadors The Global Ambassadors Program

Global Ambassadors is an academic enhancement program offering mentoring, extracurricular and international experiential learning designed for students interested in careers in international service organizations, including the Foreign Service. This program will create meaningful interaction between the students and distinguished professionals in such organizations who are working on global questions and challenges. Learn more

international-scholars-program.jpg International Scholars Program

The International Scholars Program is a marquee scholarship program at the College of Charleston. A collaborative effort between the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs (LCWA) and the Honors College, International Scholars represent the highest caliber undergraduates interested in a global education and/or career. 

international lab LCWA International Lab

The vision for the re-imagined International Lab at the College of Charleston is to create a physical hub where students and faculty can engage in global-immersion-learning with native speakers without the financial burden or logistical complexities of travel. Learn more

citadel courses Intelligence and Security Studies: Citadel Cross Registration

The College of Charleston through a cross-registration agreement with The Citadel is making available to its students select courses in "Intelligence and Security Studies and Cyber Investigations." Learn more


houses La Casa Hispana & La Maison Francaise

LCWA has two houses designated for Spanish majors and French majors. The primary purpose of these houses is the study and understanding of the language and culture. Learn more

lang prof Language Proficiency Evaluations

Graduating Seniors in Spanish and French are required to take the OPIc language proficiency evaluation in order to determine their achieved level of Language proficiency. Global Scholars also take the OPIc to evaluate their language proficiency. If you are a native or heritage speaker of a language other than English and wish to be exempted from the language requirement at College of Charleston, or you wish to place at a higher level, please contact the program offering that language for placement procedures. Learn more about all Language Proiciency Evaluations

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