Master of Education in Languages (Multilingual Learners/ESOL - Online)

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Become a Cultural Ambassador to Speakers of Other Languages

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The online M.Ed. in Languages-Multilingual Learners (previously ESOL) will help you to…
•    Develop cross-cultural competence and global fluency
•    Understand how languages are learned
•    Enhance your teaching skills and strategies
•    Implement innovations in the use of technology
•    Learn and apply the newest trends in the field
•    Apply linguistics to the learning and teaching processes
•    Engage in advocacy, community service, and outreach

This Master's Degree can be completed in four semesters.

The College of Charleston is an institution known for its strong foundation in languages and in preparing students for careers with a global focus. Since this is an online degree, you can complete it from anywhere in the world. The M.Ed. in Languages with a focus on Multilingual Learners is an interdisciplinary program offered between the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, and the School of Education. The program is completely online and tailored specifically for working professionals, including current teachers, veterans who were stationed abroad, those who have lived or worked abroad or with multilingual learners, those interested in non-traditional settings for multilingual learners, including consulting with businesses, public health, and medical environments, and those looking for career flexibility and international opportunities. 

English learners and multilingual learners are growing populations nationwide and around the world. There is a critical shortage of multilingual learner educators and consultants in many states, including South Carolina. The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA) reported that the multilingual learner population in South Carolina has increased 765.1% since 2000, the highest growth rate in the nation (link here). Our program's graduates are experienced and highly trained multilingual learner specialists ready to jump in to a variety of in-demand careers.  

The M.Ed. in Languages-Multilingual Learners is open both to degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students. Multilingual Learner/ESOL Graduate Certificate holders are particularly encouraged to apply. Please contact the program director for information about applying previously earned credit toward the M.Ed. in Languages-Multilingual Learners (previously known as ESOL) program.

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med-esol.jpgThe M.Ed. in Languages-Multilingual Learners is designed for flexibility. The program may be completed in 4 semesters, but because most students in the program are working professionals, many students choose to take a part-time load of 2 courses per term and still graduate within 2 years. All classes are offered 100 asynchronous online to allow for flexibility in scheduling and to accommodate the demands of your busy life. While many students in the program are current teachers or people returning to teaching, the courses in the program are also attractive to those interested in non-traditional multilingual learner settings as well, including careers in Human Resources, and Language Consulting for business, public health, and medical environments.




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Katharine Hargrave
Program Director

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