Mission Statement

The School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs prepares students to become discerning, knowledgeable, and engaged citizens in an ever changing, interconnected global world.


Through rigorous language education, a broad range of interdisciplinary programs, and numerous study abroad and co-curricular activities, students will develop foreign language expertise, an understanding of ancient and modern cultures, and in-depth appreciation of the global issues that confront humankind in the 21st century. The School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs, therefore, will be the place within the College of Charleston where disciplines merge, the realities of the world are confronted, and where knowledgeable, engaged citizens of that world come of age.


Our core purpose is cultural literacy. Working in partnership with all of the schools of the College, we maintain a curriculum that prepares students to engage with and comprehend diverse cultures. In keeping with our understanding of the traditions of liberal arts education at the College of Charleston, we expect our majors:

  • To achieve language proficiency sufficient to communicate effectively with native speakers or to read and understand texts in an ancient language
  • To acquire an understanding of cultures that is multi-disciplinary and diachronic
  • To comprehend the interconnected socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of global transformation

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