Diversity Statement

LCWA fully supports and actively pursues the College’s commitment to attract a multicultural constituency of administrators, faculty, students and staff, representing members of historically under-represented racial and ethnic groups, and multiple religious and cultural backgrounds. We do so not just because we believe that an appropriately diverse community contributes to social justice, but also because we recognize that diversity is beneficial to the institution -- creating advantageous educational and research opportunities, better preparing students for living and working in an increasingly diverse and global society, and enhancing the cultural climate in which we live.

Our commitment manifests itself in, inter alia, our hiring practices, our teaching practices, our curriculum planning and review, our co-curricular and extra-curricular programming (including study abroad), our support of faculty research, our outreach to multiple constituencies in our local community, and in our cooperation with partner-institutions regionally, nationally, and internationally. While the school’s pedagogical focus on languages, cultures, and world affairs makes us especially conscious of diversity in relation to race, ethnicity, culture, and religion, we are also committed to making the School a model of inclusiveness in regard to gender, sexuality, and disability.

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