Interdisciplinary Research Interest Exchange (IRIE)

Making linkages across programs, departments, and schools helps build a sense of shared intellectual purpose on campus, and LCWA's interdisciplinary initiatives contribute to such linkages. Enabling these connections in the first place is critical, and so we are very glad to be able to announce the launch of the Interdisciplinary Research Interest Exchange (IRIE). IRIE is a user-friendly searchable database where faculty can post their research interests and search for other faculty whose interests might coincide with or complement their own. We will be inviting faculty to visit the site at, enter their details, and make valuable intellectual hook-ups.

IRIE is a project of the LCWA Committee for Interdisciplinary Research (Ghazi Abuhakema, Andrew Alwine, Nadia Avendano, Kathy Foody, Simon Lewis, Robert Sapp, and Shari Rabin). The Website was created and is maintained by Alex Kasman.

To access the IRIE Database click here.

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