Centers, Initiatives, and Community Interests

global-spotlight-logo.jpg Global Spotlight Podcast 

The Global Spotlight is a collaborative venture between the College of Charleston’s School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs and Charleston Library Society. In the style of Inside the Actors Studio, it features discussions between Ambassador James Melville and today’s most impactful thought-leaders on the global scene. Learn more. 

mroz-institute-lcwa-colloquium-logo.jpg Mroz Institute LCWA World Affairs Colloquium Series

The Mroz Institute LCWA World Affairs Colloquium Series puts the School's global impact on center stage. In this Series the School’s faculty and advisory board bring to our campus speakers with prominent international experience to address topics of world interest. The speakers, their topics, and the discussions generated between students, faculty, and community are one more way that the School fulfills its mission to be the College’s place where disciplines merge, the realities of the world are confronted, and where knowledgeable, engaged citizens of that world come of age. Learn More

inter logo Interdisciplinary Initiatives

LCWA has many interdisciplinary initiatives. Learn more

Signature series World Affairs Signature Series

This annual series involves faculty from across the entire College, linking a cluster of thematically connected regularly taught and special topics courses to a series of extra-curricular events. 

Proposals for each new year's programming will be due early in the spring term of each year, a full 18 months before implementation. Proposals need to list at least four faculty (at least two from LCWA), as well as a list of potential courses (regularly taught and special topics) and extra-curricular programs (at least one per semester). Learn more

CLAW Carolina Lowcountry Atlantic World

The Program in the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World (CLAW) at the College of Charleston was established in 1994 to promote scholarship on the Lowcountry, the Atlantic World, and the connections between the two. Learn more

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