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French is a major international language spoken by approximately 300 million people in 50 countries on five continents.  It is the official language of many well-known organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross, the International Olympic committee, and Amnesty International.  French is also a useful and important language in the United States.  After Spanish and Chinese, French is the 3rd most widely-spoken language and it is learned by over one million students.

Departmental Goals

  • Provide student-centered undergraduate language education that emphasizes proficiency in oral and written communications.

  • Offer a broad, dynamic curriculum that encompasses the cultural worlds of France, the Francophone regions, and Italy.

  • Stress the importance of using the target language in the teaching and learning of language, culture, civilization, and literature.

  • Strongly recommend semester-long participation in study abroad programs of students majoring in French Text Version, and participation in shorter programs of those minoring in French Text Version (and Provence*) and in Italian.

  • Make available high-impact individual projects like Bachelor’s Essay, Independent Study, and the Capstone Seminar.

  • Encourage student participation in organizations like the French House, French Club, Italian Club, and in cultural events such as the International Poetry Evening, film showings, and guest lectures.

  • Ensure interdisciplinary collaboration through the involvement in programs such as the First Year Experience, the International Business program, International Studies, the Teacher Education program, and the Comparative Literature and Linguistics minor programs.

  • Use an assessment instrument that outlines student learning outcomes in specific terms.

Academic Information


Sabine Hagn-Ford (Contact for French & Francophone Studies):