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Chinese Language

  • More people (1.2 billion) speak Chinese than any other language in the world.
  • China is a 4000 year old civilization, the longest continuing culture in the world.
  • The Chinese economy is expanding at an extraordinary rate.
  • The number of Chinese people online doubles every six months. There will be as many people in China with internet access as there are now in the USA in a few short years.
  • The Chinese are the second largest group of immigrants in the USA.
  • Learning the Chinese language makes this ancient culture, religion, philosophy, and music accessible today.

Academic Information

Chinese Club

This club is revolved around diversity, an appreciation for different aspects in culture, and the immense deliciousness of Chinese food. All are welcomed! You don't have to know how to speak Mandarin, or have any knowledge of the Chinese culture. In fact, that's what our club is for, to become aware of the Chinese culture and to learn! 我们欢迎你们! (We welcome you)! Visit the Chinese Club on Facebook, as well!

Need further information?

For more information, contact the Chinese Club President Sandra Ciappa ( or the Chinese Club Advisor, Professor Piotr Gibas (

Online Resources

  • Zhongwen
    Chinese characters and culture
  • ChinaLinks3
    Chinese Language and Linguistics
    The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University



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