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LCWA Faculty Grants

The School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs (LCWA) at the College of Charleston has consistently supported the professional development of teaching faculty members. In addition to the Planning Initiatives Grant and Faculty Research Grant, outlined below are four new initiatives aimed at furthering the support for teaching faculty professional development in LCWA.

In order to simplify the funding application process and to make better use of human resources in LCWA, the application cycle for LCWA-funded faculty awards and grants has been restructured. Instead of three different periods where faculty can apply for LCWA funding, we will shift to one annual application period.

As we transition into this new cycle, we will begin with requests for Spring and Summer of 2015.

Those requests are due on the LCWA website by Friday, October 31, 2014.

There is a new on-line application process; the link is located below & within the "LCWA Faculty Grants" section of the LCWA website.

The new process will begin January 2015, when faculty will request funding for Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Summer 2016.

Subsequently, requests for LCWA funded grants and awards for faculty will be made in January of each academic year.  Again, this change affects LCWA faculty (including adjuncts) grants and awards listed on our website. All other requests that fall out of the scope of the listed awards and grants will be handled on an individual basis.

All applications for these grants and awards will be submitted using the online application form

Planning Initiatives Grant

The LCWA Planning Inititatives Grant is intended to fund and support new programs, courses, or other projects and activities that promote the goals of the School. This is not intended to serve individual professional research goals. This is separate from funding allocated to departments or funds available from offices outside the School. Applicants should fill out and submit the online form located here on the LCWA website.

Faculty Research Grant

The LCWA Faculty Research Grant is intended to support new and ongoing scholarly and creative activities for individual faculty members of the school. This fund is intended to promote professional research goals, such as: travel to support research, the purchase of research materials (books, databases, supplies, equipment, etc.), summer courses, institutes, workshops (e.g. OPI training), subsidies for publication, and courses to learn an additional foreign language that will enhance your current research or to pursue new areas of research. Please note that these grants are not primarily intended for delivering a paper at scholarly conferences. The application is an online form located here on the LCWA website.

Junior Faculty Colloquia Series

The Junior Faculty Colloquia Series is established as a Dean’s initiative for faculty development. The objectives of this faculty development initiative are twofold: First, to provide an intellectual platform in LCWA for non-tenured faculty members to present their work to the general community prior to submission for publication consideration. Second, and for the purpose of constructive feedback and a critical first “outside review,” junior faculty members get to invite a senior colleague to campus for the purpose mentioned above. The senior colleague is to be a leading colleague in the junior faculty member’s field on faculty at a college/university based in the US. The invited scholar provides oral and written feedback on the manuscript in preparation for submission. The invited senior scholar is to give a formal review of the junior colleague’s work that will begin the open conversation among colleagues present at the colloquium. LCWA colleagues will be given a copy of the junior scholar’s manuscript in advance of the colloquium.

Junior faculty colleagues should express interest to their department chair or program director. Chairs and directors will forward names to Associate Dean Shawn Morrison. Associate Dean Morrison, in concert with the junior colleague and chair/director, will arrange a day and time for the colloquium.

There will be two junior faculty colloquia per academic year: One during fall semester and one during spring semester.

The application is an online form located here on the LCWA website.

Dean's Collaborative Interdisciplinary Summer Research Award for International Engagement

The Dean’s Collaborative Interdisciplinary Summer Research Grant is purposed to foster interdisciplinary international engagement among roster faculty in LCWA and colleagues in other schools of the College who research within the same geographical region. This award is intended as a cross-school, interdisciplinary initiative. The result of the collaboration must yield the development of a co-authored work or proposed course on the region. There must be a minimum of three colleagues; two of which must be LCWA roster faculty members from different departments and/or programs. The third participating colleague MUST be a roster faculty member within a difference department and/or program outside of LCWA.

Proposing faculty members are to submit an application that details the nature of the collaboration, intended outcome(s), international location engaged, and proposed timeline for the outcome(s). The amount of the award is $10,000.00. Faculty clusters may receive this award only once.

Proposing faculty must apply through the online form located here on the LCWA website.

Pedadgogy and Teaching Grant for New Course Development

This grant is intended to offer support to teaching faculty members who are engaged in new course development in LCWA. The curriculum committee within the department or program MUST approve the intended new course for development. In the absence of a committee, the Chair or Director must approve the new course development. The awarded funds are for the purchase of materials that will be pertinent to the course development (books, film, etc.). The amount of this award is $500.00.

The application is an online form located here on the LCWA website.

Professional Development Award for Adjunct Faculty

This award is for LCWA adjunct faculty members who are presenting at a professional, academic conference or attending a professional development workshop in his or her field. It is intended to defray costs associated with conference travel, lodging and meals. Adjunct faculty members must submit “proof of participation” to the department chair or program director and to Associate Dean Morrison.

Interested adjunct faculty members must apply online here.