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Graeser Memorial Award

The Graeser Award is given in honor of the late Professor Clarence Augustus Graeser, an alumnus of the College of Charleston and the first honor graduate in the class of 1888. He served for many years as Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages at the College. The award was established by the Alumni Association in 1954 in memory of this exceptional teacher, a distinguished scholar and an especially loyal alumnus. It is a cash award to the student in the graduating class who, in the opinion of the modern language professors at the College, deserves special recognition for work done in any one of the modern languages during a period of not less than three years.

Graeser Award Selection Process: Annual Timeline and Procedures

Nomination Rubric for Graeser Award (download worksheet)

Graeser Award Recipients
2017      Tori Lisa Akerley
2016      Olivia Ghiz
2015      Brian T. Malone
2014      Jocelyn C. Moratzka
2013      Stephanie A. Rhodes
2012      Dylan Kornegay
2011      Sarah M. Sprehn
2010      Melanie Keller
2009      Shivani R. Jani
2008      Tristan E. Hill
2007      Stephanie Pridgeon
              Armanda M. Sloan
2006      Tony J. Cella
2005      Dana Lee Riechman
2004      Lucy Simpson
              Jaclyn Swoger
2003      Stephanie Evans
              Destiny Inman
2002      Meredith Clark
              Julie Doyle
2001      Alice L. Adams
2000      Charlee M. Taylor
1999      Sarah Ellen Giambra
1998      Anja Ina Moore
1997      Eric S. Bullington
1996      Mary Rives Lancaster
1995      Sarah L. Ditmore
              Rachel Santos Brown
1994      Werner Hoppe
1993      Michael Messersmith
1992      Tamela L. Canale
1991      Nathalia Awgulewitsch
              Lisa Hall Lopez
1990      Maude Daverio Cox
1988      Johnathan L. Cook
1987      Jeffrey Graycar
1986      Shannon Lachicotte
1984      Sharon Mole Courtney
1983      Barbara Owens McKeithan
1982      Alysia Golden Lucas
1981      Raymond Carney
1980      Claudia Robinson McClure
1979      Amy Badger
1978      Gina Richer Jones
1977      Kathryn Banks
1976      Sana Basily Oberlin
              Jinny L. Jervey
1975      Gretchen Kossler Fant
1974      Toni Rigsby Gatchell
1973      Katherine Wyly Mille
1972      Mary-Ann Gibson Gowder
1971      Patsy Fenters O’Connor
1970      Karen Stahl Shuler
1969      Helen E. Johnson
              Judith Ward Johnson
1968      Harold H. Norvell, Jr.
1967      Thomas J. Fleming
1966      Kenneth D. White
1965      Leonard A. Prouty II
1964      David C.R. Heisser
1963      Louisa Freeman Cory
1962      Nancy Siegling Fortiere
1960      Toula Gongas Poturalski
1959      Peter Donnerstag
1958      Constance O’Connell Bell
1957      Nancy Fitch Harrison
1956      Joanne Morris Comar    
              Joanna Swain Wright
1955      Paul R. Weidner, Jr.